La’Keisha “Fan Favorite” Sutton, a Trenton, New Jersey native is a former Trenton Catholic Academy and University of South Carolina Gamecocks standout basketball player. The former WNBA Prospect, is more than a basketball player.  “Fan Favorite” is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, journalist and a community leader. When people see her and hear her story, they see hope in themselves and their dreams. Fan Favorite is determined to continue to encourage, empower, and educate others on her journey through life.
She’s adamantly doing so through the launch of her brand, Fan Favorite University. Fan Favorite University, is a safe place it’s more than just a clothing line it’s a mindset, a mentality, a lifestyle. The young girl from the projects of Trenton, wants to offer #teamfanfavorite an opportunity to believe in their dreams manifesting into realities. Any individual can join in on this rapidly growing movement, along with more than 20,000 people who already have! La’Keisha is promoting something way higher than herself, a sense of hope and belief in others with one simple message; “we all we got we all we need”. She recently produced and released a documentary that can be found on YouTube entitled “From The Projects to Fan Favorite: The La’Keisha Sutton Story.”

“Fan Favorite is my BRAND; it’s who I am and what I stand for. I enjoy creating partnerships with other genuine people who love what they do. The apparel we wear just represents the lifestyle of someone who is not afraid to be themselves, someone who believes in their dreams and has the F.A.N.F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E mentality.”

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Fan Favorite travels around the world speaking passionately and openly to different audiences about the importance of decision making, having a vision for your life, and chasing after that vision/dream. She successfully turned a nickname, given to her by her former WNBA Olympic gold medalist coach, Dawn Staley, into a brand with hopes of it evolving into a way of life. “Ball is life” but she refused to let her career, which started playing in Recreation leagues in Trenton, made her NJ Gatorade Player of the Year, and an all SEC Guard, end with and on the basketball court. Her career has grown beyond her wildest dreams as she has faced the task of touching and affecting future generations as well as challenge older generations with a different way of thinking.


First and foremost I would like to thank God for putting me in this special position to be able to make a difference in peoples lives. Secondly, I would like to thank my mom, Melinda Sutton for being here with me every step of the way since I first touched a basketball. I love you. Lastly, I would like to thank YOU guys for everything that you’ve done for me. YOU mean to me what I mean to you! Your positive tweets, comments, and messages keep me very inspired, and motivated to keep pushing despite the trying times. To know that I am a positive influence or an inspiration to another person means everything. It’s easy to inspire when you’re constantly inspired! Ultimately, I just want to connect with the people universally the way music does. I want people to see themselves in me. I want to uplift and inspire people bring some type of hope/light into their lives so that they can shine and by doing so help someone else shine.


If you ever came to a game, or watched it on tv…tweeted about I want to thank ya’ll from the bottom of my heart. Without ya’ll there is no me. I don’t know where I’m going, or what my future holds but every move I made has been visualized. I’m going to continue to walk through this door that God has opened for me, and you all are invited to follow along on this journey! As always FANS FIRST, Fan Favorite.