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In 2013, I met a man name Patrick Robinson aka “Pat The Roc” while I was living in Stone Mountain, Georgia. I remember my phone buzzing and it was a new mention on my twitter feed, I can’t remember exactly what it said but I do know Pat said something like “hey I’m in atl I would love to get in the gym with you. Let’s link up.”

As I often do when people mention me , I check out their bio and skim through their most recent tweets to get a feel of who they are. I noticed immediately his vast number of twitter followers, his videos and pictures playing basketball all over the world. I checked out his website and I was amazed. I was honored rather. (I have no clue how he found out about me, I was never known on a national stage.) To Gamecocknation I was no secret, noted mainly for my “fearlessness” and getting a bucket or making a big play when my team needed it the most. (Will a Sutton Step Up? article by David Cloninger)

Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 10.17.27 PMI remember being nervous about working out with him since I was still trying to get my knee back to where I wanted it to be (after surgery). Again, I stepped out on faith, recognized the opportunity and thought to myself what’s the worst that could happen I’ll meet up with him. And, I’m absolutely glad and even more grateful that I did.

We spent almost three hours in the gym “outworking” perfecting our craft and I was like a sponge soaking it all in. Every little move he made, every word he said, I was paying attention to every single detail trying to perfect each drill. I lost the ball here and there but I got it right back and kept going. Not only was I getting better , I was also having fun!!

After the workout, I started to ask him a few questions curious to know more about him and where he comes from, his story. Much to my surprise, we had SOOOOO much in common from always having the basketball with us everywhere we went, to playing ball but feeling like we were often times “overlooked”. We both were decent players at least we thought so and could compete with the best of them but we went undrafted, under the radar etc… However, none of those things were as important to me as our shared passion for using our gifts, and helping others along the way. It was in that moment, that I realized we both had a crazy story to tell and people needed to hear it (it would help someone, because hearing Pat story helped me).

Somebody told me “anything is possible” and I believed him!


Quick Picture after an outwork session at the Pat the Roc Skills Academy.

Quick Picture after an outwork session at the
Pat the Roc Skills Academy.

Pat became more than just someone I worked out with for a day or two, he became a mentor and a friend. Everything I wanted to do , he was already doing it! As busy as he is traveling the world and changing lives, Pat always picks up the phone or texts me right back if I ever reach out to him. Any and every question I ever had he answers right away. I appreciate his genuine and humble spirit so much. He deserved/deserves every single blessing coming his way!

Every workout I’m in absolute awe at the moves he makes, his craftiness. I’m always asking him 1,000 questions. “How did you do this?” “Show me how to do this etc…”  As a point guard, I get a lot of isolation plays, plays off ball screens, and fast break opportunities. I want to be as effective as possible, just solid. It is truly a blessing to be able to work with and learn from another diamond in the rough, my friend Pat the Roc. I pray God also continues to use him to inspire people and touch many more lives, the same way he touched mine.

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