Dear Ben Ben Ronas

Dear Ben Ben Ronas,

YOU ARE EVERYTHING to Princess Rachelle and Princess Rosalie that I wished or dreamed that my father could be to me. I wanted to start this letter by acknowledging the love that you have and express daily for your family. It’s very inspiring how you balance saving lives for complete strangers like me and saving the lives of your family.

We met through Instagram and I’m happy that you reached out to me to be the guest trainer at your Simba Basketball Clinic. I’ll never forget immediately saying “YES, I’ll bring Fan Favorite to Staten Island” knowing I had no idea how I would get there. I’m glad we did come to NY, Romone, Jarvis and I had a great time hosting your clinic and eating dinner with you afterward. You taught us so much then, and still even today I find myself constantly learning from you through the tips and positive messages you post on your social media!

Thank you for helping take Fan Favorite Apparel to the next level, by producing custom track jackets, hoodies, basketball shorts and more products that only I have. I take great pride saying “RGSPORTSWEARNYC” is my go-to for customized apparel. I’m even more honored to really call you a mentor and a friend. I love seeing your dreams come true and I know you genuinely wish me well too.

Waiting to take this trip to the Philipines! Your advice, support, and encouragement definitely sustains me on this journey from the projects to Fan Favorite.


Fan Favorite.

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