Dear Buford

Dear Buford,

I must admit I meet a lot of people daily on my journey “From The Projects to Fan Favorite”, but you my friend are one of the most memorable. I do not believe in coincidences or accidents, so I know you & I connected in that Barnes & Nobles for a reason. You told me a year ago that you were in New Jersey because you drove trucks and this is where you stopped at for an assignment. The excitement in your eyes and passion in your voice showed me that there was more to you before you ever told me you were a shoemaker by trade.

It was very cool to listen to your stories of what life was like years ago when you were traveling the world as “Buford the Shoemaker”. Without any pictures or physical proof, I believed you from day one because I too am a visionary. Fast forward this year the universe reconnected us because you were driving your truck in Texas around the same time I was there visiting Sean Hardeman.

The 7 days I spent with you riding in your truck was some of the best days of my life because our conversations were golden. The experience of living the life of a trucker was something I could never imagine because I always drive past trucks on the highway. I have a new compassion for truck drivers.

Going to your house was eye-awakening too because immediately I thought this is what I want to build for my family. I want to own land, and build properties.

I appreciate you reaching out to help me design and develop a Fan Favorite Signature Shoe. I do believe we can make history together! We will be reconnected again, take care of yourself out there on the road in the meantime!


Fan Favorite.

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