Dear Fan Favorite Ciony

Dear Princess Ciony,

Today was a tough day, anytime I see the number “26” my heart instantly breaks or I try to make the number make sense to what’s taking place at that current moment in my life. I can’t believe it’s been two years since you left us here on Earth physically. I know you like being in heaven with your mom, please tell her I said hello. Spiritually I know you are still here, I think about you literally every single day.

My heart aches for the pain you suffered from the multiple gunshots you didn’t know were coming. My heart breaks for your Aunt Toni and the twins. My heart breaks, even more, when I think of your grandmother Caroline. I try my best to make them smile and laugh whenever I am around. At your memorial, I laid down a Fan Favorite Shirt that said: “Somebody Got To Survive”.

Here I am surviving, and unknowingly teaching everyone I come in touch with to survive. I am committed to keeping your name alive and telling your story to any and every single person who asks me what is Fan Favorite University. Fan Favorite University is you. Fan Favorite University is where I wish you had an opportunity to go that Sunday when those kids asked you to get in the car with them.

I love you Ciony. If you ever need me I’m one phone call away. Visit me in my dreams, keep visiting me in reality. Seeing you, thinking you, seeing or hearing the number “26” always motivates me to keep going.

I got you. I still need you to teach me how to dance!


Fan Favorite


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