Dear Coach Khaliq

Dear Coach Khaliq,

I’m PROUD of you, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of you. You’re still here, still standing, still coaching, still giving back to different kids in the community, still being a mentor to most. I take so much pride and honor really by saying that you and Coach Mel discovered me. You two, along with TC are and were the perfect father figures I needed. Thank you for investing so much of your time and energy into developing me as both a person and a basketball player. Every team I ever played on you were the coach.

I can’t really remember playing for any other coaches besides you. I would and still will go through a wall for you. The legacy you created as the girls’ basketball coach at TCA is history and nobody can ever take away what you accomplished in such short time (winning six MCT titles, five state Non-Public B crowns and the 2011 T of C crown).  When I think of TCA basketball I think of YOU, Coach Khaliq because you made everybody want to come to that school and play basketball, both girls and boys.

It’s a shame there’s no picture of you in that gym anywhere, I mean there is one but it’s super high up in the corner nobody can see. I’m determined to tell everyone who you are and how much you’ve meant to who I am and who I’ll become on this journey from the projects to Fan Favorite. I know you want me to get a teaching sub cert so I can be in the school district but I have other plans. I want to keep creating this Fan Favorite University Franchise so I can tell you to quit your job and just hang out with me traveling the world doing what we do in Trenton, change mentalities and change lives.

Hope you can keep your job as the girls’ basketball coach at Trenton High if so I’ll continue to be there helping every step of the way! Fan Favorite Brand belongs to you as well!


Fan Favorite

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