Dear Coach Staley

Dear Coach Staley,

I honestly thought twice about writing this open letter because I know how private you are but my heart did it anyway. I just wanted to publicly say thank you for giving me an opportunity to attend the University of South Carolina on a full scholarship. In a world full of unsigned seniors you chose me. I’ll never forget walking into TCA that day next to you, not knowing who you really were. Going to college and seeing you almost every day for four years I see glimpses of who you really are.

You’re funny, super funny, very down to earth, very personable, very caring, very compassionate, and still very quiet. I wish we could have spent more time talking in college but I was always so focused on doing what you asked me to do. I’m learning now to be present in my moments and enjoy them. Everywhere I go, people asked what school I went to and I say the University of South Carolina with pride. The funniest thing is when people asked: “did you play for Dawn Staley?”

I always laugh and say yes I was a part of her first recruiting class, I’d like to think we made history together. It’s funny because everyone is in complete shock when I say that I played for you. Then they go on to say “oh yeah that’s why you nice, she taught you a lot, you play like Dawn, you look like her walk like her, have that same toughness as her.” All compliments I don’t mind. You are the original depiction of “from the projects to fan favorite” honestly. Navigating the Philly streets and transcending from the projects to traveling all over the world because of basketball.

I appreciate everything that you’ve done and everything that you represent for the game of basketball. When people say “o you should be in the WNBA you got talent” they always follow it with “you should ask dawn to get you in I know she knows somebody”. And I always say, she doesn’t owe me anything.


So again, thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn from you, play for you, and continuously be inspired by you. Congratulations again on your National Championship and all the history you continue to make. You truly are a Fan Favorite.


Fan Favorite

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