Dear Monie B

Dear Monie B,

I tell you this all the time but I have to publicly say THANK YOU for inspiring me each and every day! When I met you, you were making videos and I thought you were the coolest person ever. I’m like wow her videos are really nice, I think I loved them even more because I love music and you were creating your own version of their music video.

Fast forward years later, you’re still making videos and each one gets more and more creative. I’m happy you turning your hobbies into a company. Everywhere I go somebody is complimenting your work, and saying how “dope” you are. It’s one thing to watch you post these videos but to actually watch you make the videos is another privilege. You’re super talented and I hope you never forget that.

Thank you for being the creative director of Fan Favorite University. This brand is as much yours as it mine because you’ve been around helping create content every step of the way. Thank you for allowing me to intern at your production studios, I’m learning a lot. If you ever need an extra hand you know you can have both of mine. I can honestly see you doing a panel discussion or director series at film festivals like Ava Duvernay or Ryan Coogler.

Keep allowing your passions to lead you to your purpose. You do so much for everyone and you too deserve the world! Don’t forget about me when you become the world’s new favorite director!


Fan Favorite.

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