Dear Rooted Radiant

Dear Sally,

I hope enjoyed your time here in Trenton making moves with me, I hope you were able to see the “behind the scenes” or day in the life of Fan Favorite. I must admit I’m pretty impressed with the fact that you actually made time to drive down and visit. Everything you want to do with your brand and your career you can but it starts with making the right decisions.

I like how you decided to step out on faith and push your brand. I love your website, and I love your video blogs. I really do think the world needs to watch them like somebody should make it mandatory for students to watch. I know you didn’t understand why I wasn’t explaining our day to you but that’s just how life works. Some things happen that are unexpected and you don’t have time to over analyze or prepare for what happens. God gives us the unique ability to adjust.

You did great speaking to the kids at Daylight Twilight and Rivera School. I see you’re a little more comfortable with smaller crowds. The more you do something the easier it becomes, just remember you have to know your why when you walk in the room.

Thank you for sharing the “Marked” video with me I’ve been watching it nonstop since you texted it to me. I know for a fact I’m marked and you are too!

Can’t wait to go on this women’s empowerment tour with you Miss. Havisham!


Fan Favorite.

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