Dear Sean Hardeman

Dear Sean Hardeman,

The universe knew exactly what it was doing when he connected us! Everything that you are , everything that you represent in Austin, Texas with your Ball Hard Company is a reflection of me. First and foremost, I admire how you take care of your family and the families who represent Ball Hard.

I talk about you and Ball Hard to everyone who asks me about training and trainers. I’ve met tons of trainers throughout my career but YOU ARE THE BEST, hands down. I really suggest anyone that’s reading this to visit Sean in Texas, and learn how to “Ball Hard”. Your staff is absolutely amazing, and the drills and techniques that you teach are needed. Nothing is random, nothing is being done just to do it.

Congratulations on creating the situation you always wanted to be a part of. You truly did design your future and your legacy. Thank you for giving Fan Favorite an opportunity to be a small part of the big history you have made and will continue to make. One day I hope to have a similar situation here in Trenton at “Fan Favorite University”.

The song “Icon” by Jaden Smith will always remind me of you and Ball Hard because we played it over and over and over my entire visit to Austin. What do I call an icon living? You, Sean Hardeman. 


Fan Favorite.

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