Dear Tina Roy

Dear Tina,

I’m so happy that you made time to visit me in Jersey this past weekend! I’ll say it publicly I didn’t think you were going to come but we’re happy that you did. Before you came I already had a busy weekend planned for myself so it was easy to share my moments with you. Every room I put you in, you did your thing! NO surprise to me I’ve been watching you sing and rap and dance since we were teammates in college.

I hope you were inspired while you were here and motivated, even more, to continue to work on your music. THE WORLD NEEDS TO HEAR YOUR VOICE! I love how humble you are, I keep telling you we really are the same person except I come from the “hood” and you come from the “country”.

I can’t wait to see how your visuals come out I know Monie B is going to do what she does with them. It was very cool to see you two working together because that’s exactly how I envisioned the trip would go. The funniest moment was when she said “be sexy show me sexy Tina” and you said¬† “I’m a basketball player I don’t know how to be sexy.” HAHA I told her the same thing when she was directing me on set before. I was SUPER awkward!

I guess we have to learn how to show our “sexy” side in public. We’re excited to help you release your first music project. As God continues to bless you and put you in different rooms I hope you realize who’s who.

Recognize the people who are around you as opportunists, and recognize the people who genuinely want to help and see you win! Remember, never beg for support. We All We Got We All We Need!


Fan Favorite.

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