Dear Uncle Harry

Dear Uncle Harry,

Thank you for reaching out to me a few months ago and helping realize how much of a goldmine

“Fan Favorite University” really is. I already knew the brand God gave me permission to create has potential through the roof but the daily conversations I have with you at the office, helps me realize it more and more. I’ll never forget how you called me randomly. The first thing you said “Babygirl how can I help you? I see you’ve done so much who’s been helping you?” You were shocked when I told you just a few friends but no one that was older than us or more experienced/plugged in.

Thanks for introducing me to politics, campaigning, and canvassing it’s been a memorable experience volunteering in the office for Mr. Bethea. It’s admirable how many people I watch you help on a daily basis. You help people buy houses, fix their credit, connect them to the right resources, build websites, build their business plus more all day. I thought¬†I was a busy person.

Your goal is to create 10 millionaires, I can definitely say you will reach that goal because I will be a millionaire. The people on my team will become millionaires, and you will become a millionaire again.

I know it’s not about money with us but you’re a goldmine too. Thank you for being consistent, understanding, and patient. I appreciate the time you take encouraging me and helping me perfect this masterpiece God blessed me with.


Fan Favorite.

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