Thank You Kevin Maloney

Earlier this year I was asked to come in and speak with Kevin Maloney on his radio show “The Sports Scene” on 920 the voice. For an hour we sat down and talked about growing up in Trenton, New Jersey, my high school career, playing for Dawn Staley at South Carolina, playing professionally overseas and growing my brand Fan Favorite Apparel.

We also spoke about the release and purpose of my documentary “From The Projects to Fan Favorite; The La’Keisha Sutton Story.” There are 11 chapters in the documentary, giving the viewer a glimpse into my world with interviews from me and people close to me showing where I come from, what I’ve done and what I am trying to do on and off the court. Screen shot 2015-01-25 at 10.49.57 PM

#teamfanfavorite In case you missed it , click on the link above to here the full interview! It’s from the show 9-30-14.

Kevin Maloney also wrote a a feature piece on me early in the summer, which was published in the NJ Times newspaper. I’m so grateful for absolutely everything!  (Click the link to read it.)

“It’s showing that you don’t need exposure to do what you want to do, to make your dreams come true. We didn’t come from a big city where basketball was really relevant. I can’t speak for the boys but I know for the girls there wasn’t these showcase tournaments. We didn’t have an AAU team to play on. We played in Trenton and we played in Philly. We didn’t have what other people have. I never compared myself to other people. And that’s why I say, ‘no regrets,’ because I don’t regret coming from the projects.”



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