Rest in Peace Princess Ciony.




Monday May 2, 2016 I was asked by Toni Cintron to speak at a Peace Rally on behalf of her niece Ciony Kirkman, who lost her life to senseless gun violence last weekend. Toni, a close family friend babysat my brothers and I since we were kids growing up on Mechanics Ave, in East Trenton, New Jersey. The church asked her to speak to the community but she said she was not sure if she could do it and asked if I would. Without hesitation I agreed to stand up there and speak, holding her and her families hand.

Peace Rally

I prayed about it too. Every day I say a prayer simply thanking God for everything he has done for me and given me , I pray that he continues to fill me with courage, compassion, understanding, patience, and strength so I can continue to do what he put me on this Earth to do. I thought to myself, “Keisha there’s so many things you can speak about which direction do you want to go?” I spoke about how things often happen in life that we cannot control. The only thing we can control is how we react to these situations, our decision making and our mindsets.


I asked the community to make a decision to choose to be grateful and to choose love every single day. I encouraged them to make a decision to share more positive things on their social media and to be present in real life. What happened to Ciony, and what happened to everyone else who lost their lives in our community due to violence is our real life, that’s reality…not our social media. I encouraged them to change their mindset from “Trenton is so violent, it will never get better” to as a community we can do things differently but we must first choose to change ourselves. Enlightened people enlighten people. Our mindset should not be to retaliate or try to get revenge for the deaths in our families, but to honor those who have died by continuing to live…but live with respect and peace.

Somebody Got To Survive

I do believe that Trenton will be a safe place to live and prosper again one day. I wish I could have had more conversations with Ciony but the ones we did have I’ll never forget. It’s kids like her who inspire me to keep pushing the brand, keep spreading the movement, keep doing what I’m doing so that they can see and believe they can do it too.

“Young girl only 16, died in 2016. She had big dreams.”


We did have a conversation about her wanting to run track in college. Run in heaven little fan favorite, keep dancing, keep smiling baby.I hope she heard me and continues to watch over me and her entire Trenton family. We love you, and hope to see you soon Princess Ciony!

We all we got, we all we need!

Ciony Kirkman


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