Mentality T-Shirt


This T-Shirt is a perfect way to represent the
Fan Favorite Mentality.

The words " We All We Got We All We Need" are screen printed on the front pocket of the V-Neck.

Our hashtag #TEAMFANFAVORITE is on the back!

Represent what you believe in this school year.

Mentality T-Shirt  medium photoMentality T-Shirt  medium photo

I Believe In Me T- Shirt


"I Believe In Me" is the mentality that La'Keisha represents. If you believe in yourself, and your dreams this T-Shirt will be an extra boost of confidence for you.

Red , cotton women's T-Shirt with "I Believe In Me" screen printed on the front and #TEAMFANFAVORITE on the back.

*note* The neon shirts do not have the hashtag on the back.

I Believe In Me T- Shirt  medium photo

Fan Favorite 11s.


The Official Fan Favorite Socks are immediately available in four different designs.

We only have a limited amount in stock per size in Small, Medium, and Large.

PLEASE Specify your size in the notes section.

The socks are available in
- all black with a white logo
- all white with a black logo
- all white with La'Keisha's game picture
- galaxy design with white logo.

Fan Favorite 11s.  medium photoFan Favorite 11s.  medium photoFan Favorite 11s.  medium photo

Fan Favorite Polo Hats


Fan Favorite when worn represents confidence and fearlessness. Stay cool this summer sporting this unstructured polo style hat with your Fan Favorite Apparel.

Fan Favorite Polo Hats medium photoFan Favorite Polo Hats medium photoFan Favorite Polo Hats medium photo

Fan Favorite Basketball



Rep "Team Fan Favorite" in your city with the official Basketball. A textured, rubber black ball designed to stand up to the wear and tear of outdoor courts.

You can also become a "Fan Favorite" indoors, as well.

Fan Favorite Basketball  medium photo

International Hoodie


This hoodie is a reflection of the mentality La’Keisha Sutton had as she travelled the world playing basketball.

The hoodie is black with white text that says “I Believe In Me” . Embroidered , on the sleeve on both hoodies are the different countries La’Keisha has played basketball in.

International Hoodie  medium photoInternational Hoodie  medium photo

From The Projects To Fan Favorite Book


If you silently yelled for help who would help you?

Blessed with enormous talents as well as the gifts and passion to go with them, La'Keisha Sutton is a leader and a visionary who learned how to help herself. Sutton's amazing accomplishments and range of interests are humbly documented in her memoir. More important than her personal accomplishments is sharing with other dreamers the F.A.N.F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E mindset that she lives with daily.

"From The Projects To Fan Favorite" offers an intimate glimpse into the life of La'Keisha Sutton. It documents her childhood overcoming peer pressure, surviving Trenton, New Jersey, and highlights her career as a collegiate/professional athlete.

The projects represents barriers, obstacles, harmful relationships, bad friendships, betrayals, rejection or anything that could stop you from living your dreams.

"I wrote this book to encourage you to continue to believe in your dreams. I need you to enjoy your journey despite how confusing your present is or how blurry your future may seem." La'Keisha Sutton

From The Projects To Fan Favorite Book  medium photoFrom The Projects To Fan Favorite Book  medium photo

Fan Favorite Shorts


We are excited to release our BRAND NEW
Fan Favorite uniforms. They are dri-fit polyester material with screen printed art.

On the back of the jersey, we have a special sublimated patch of La'Keisha Sutton with the word " REMEMBER" on it.

REMEMBER who you are and who you can become with the Fan Favorite mentality.


Fan Favorite Shorts medium photo

Fan Favorite Wristbands


The official wristband that represents the Fan Favorite movement. You don't need glamour or exposure hard work prevails. Whatever you do , do it with No Regrets!
Leave which color you want in the notes section!

Fan Favorite Wristbands  medium photo