“I come as 1 but I stand as 10,000.” – Maya Angelou . 

“I do this for my culture.” – Jay Z 

The message behind the brand.

The message behind the brand.

#Teamfanfavorite represents the group of people worldwide who have bought into the Fan Favorite brand and believe in the fearless, ambitious mindset that I’m trying to sell. “You don’t need glamour or exposure hard work prevails” in other words dreams come true I along with other people you know are living proof.” 

#Teamfanfavorite can be identified by people with dreams and wishes wearing Fan Favorite Apparel, a new brand that depicts a certain lifestyle. “You can have great ambition or stagnation” Jay Z said. Fan Favorite is just a depiction of self confidence, having a vision, manifesting your dreams,  and believing in yourself living life with no regrets.

 We all have aspirations of success, desires and dreams to achieve something it’s human nature.  Growing up in the projects, my mindset is what separated me from others, my mindset is what keeps me going every single day. I’m trying to change the way #teamfanfavorite thinks. I want to empower and inspire their thoughts.

FAN FAVORITE is not just a brand, it’s an acronym. Each letter in the word F.A.N.F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E represents a word that I live by, that has helped with my personal development on and off the court.



No Distractions







Take Risks


Each value enabled me to change the way I think about life, and decisions I’m faced with on a day to day basis. I want to instill these words, and the message behind the brand into #teamfanfavorite so they too can find a sense of purpose, happiness, success, and a peace of mind like mine. We’re all talented and gifted, and destined for greatness. It’s our mindsets and decision making that makes our lives “different”.

I got a lot of confidence and confirmation from the people that i’m moving in the right direction. I want people to have a vision for a better life. I want them to see themselves living a better life, and their dreams and aspirations coming true.

When I travel the world and speak to people, I tell my story. I tell the story of others who have directly influenced my story. We all have a story to tell, From the Projects to Fan Favorite is mine. I encourage people to share their story because you never know who you are inspiring or who’s been through and/or going through that exact same thing.

Sometimes all it takes is someone to reawaken those passions, goals, and ambitions that lies within each and every one of us. When I speak, I talk about the importance of each letter of the word Fan Favorite in my particular journey, giving the audience real life situations I was faced with.

#teamfanfavorite thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the brand to where it is today. Thank you for believing in me and making yet another dream turn into reality.

As I always say, we all we got , we all we need. 

“Keisha has all these different types of fans, who speak different languages and come from different backgrounds but they still relate to whatever she doing. I think it’s impressive that she’s able to inspire and influence people in that way.” – Rodney Curl on #teamfanfavorite

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