“I love training with La’Keisha! I use to never shoot in games, thinking I wasn’t good enough. La’Keisha taught me its okay to miss some shots not everyone makes them. She has given me so much confidence in myself and this year it’s finally showing on the court. Thanks again La’Keisha for always helping me.” – Mackenzie Sargenti.

I signed my daughter up with La’Keisha since she was lacking confidence in shooting and dribbling. La’Keisha has helped her gain her confidence back. My daughter is now shooting 3 points in games and having fun. I cannot say enough good things about La’Keisha, she is simply the best.” – Tammy Sargenti

“I love training with La’Keisha Sutton because I know she will help improve my basketball game. She is so creative and does so many different moves that I have never heard of or seen. She does a great job of explaining why we do certain drills and she boosts my confidence every time I go. She has even come to a couple of my games to see how I played and then she based our workout sessions on the certain things that she saw in the games. She has me play against herself and older kids so that I can get used to playing better people and get tougher while playing. She also makes it a lot of fun even when I mess up. She doesn’t care as long as I try, which is one of the best things that I have learned from her. I love working with her. I feel I am really fortunate to be able to work with her because she teaches me many lessons about basketball and about life too.” – Sabrina Vlahovic, Freshmen at The Solebury School, New Hope, PA.


“I heard about Fan Favorite when I was in the eighth grade but I never really knew was it was or why everybody loved it so much. After a lot of my friends seemed to be a part of the Fan Favorite movement I wanted to know what it was about. Watching La’Keisha’s  highlight videos and reading about her time in college and overseas I knew that this was exactly what I needed. What I love most about Fan Favorite Sessions is the time that La’Keisha takes to really teach. For me I’m a visual learner and it helps having a trainer that can repeat moves and take the time show you exactly how to do them and tell you when and why you would use them. I’m a junior in high school and the moves that are taught within the Fan Favorite Sessions are definitely on the next level and learning these skills are definitely keeping me a step ahead of others. Fan Favorite has not only taught me next level skills to use in game situations but it has also taught me leadership skills, the importance of unity and always remembering where you came from.” -Angie Labissiere, Junior at Trenton Catholic Academy High School. 


” My daughter has participated in Fan Favorite Sessions with La’Keisha Sutton. What I love is that she can totally relate to La’Keisha as a player and a person. She has picked up pointers from a basketball standpoint as well as confidence and motivation from listening to La’Keisha speak. La’Keisha Sutton gives kids of all ages and skill levels life lessons incorporated in her basketball sessions. Lessons and advice that will help them be successful on and off the court.” – Louis Haas, Hamilton, NJ.


“After working with La’Keisha, my skills, strength and work ethic have all improved. She pushes me to be better and encourages me. I am very excited for my upcoming basketball season after working with her. I highly recommend any athlete, boy or girl, beginner or advanced to work with her. She will take your skills and mindset to a whole new level.” – Sara Haas, Hamilton, NJ. 


“My daughter has been training with the Fan Favorite, La’Keisha Sutton weekly, for at least two months. I feel very fortunate that she has taken the time to work with her. La’Keisha is an excellent teacher as well as a wonderful person. To say that La’Keisha is an excellent basketball player is an understatement, she is amazing. That alone would be reason enough to want her to work worth my daughter to help her improve her basketball game. But, that is only one of the many reasons that I feel privileged that she is working with my daughter.

La’Keisha has a very kind and open personality. It is evident that she cares not only about my daughter’s success as a player, but also about my daughter, herself. She makes all the sessions fun, in addition to informative and my daughter loves to go to them. She teaches her many different things about basketball and how to be a smart player but she does it without holding her to impossible standards. Keisha’s attitudes and manners make Sabrina want to perform and improve for her. She feels empowered by working with her and as such she has the confidence to try the things Keisha teaches her in her actual games. She is not only improving her skills but is also improving her knowledge of the game and making her into a more well-rounded player.

I wanted Sabrina to work with the Fan Favorite, La’Keisha Sutton, so that she would become a better basketball player. She is improving. But she is also gaining so many other things by working with La’Keisha that it makes this experience even more rewarding. I would highly recommend anyone looking to increase their level of play, work with the Fan Favorite, La’Keisha Sutton.” –Ninamarie Vlahovic, New Hope, PA.